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Dyeing a printed shirt

This past weekend I thrifted an awesome shirt with an adorable robot on the front. The only problem is, the shirt is a horrific saffron color that I just can't wear. The shirt is a good size for me, and is comfortable 100% cotton that's been softened with wear, so I don't want to just cut the image off the front and apply it to a different garment.

So I had an idea. I'm thinking about busting out a candle and putting a layer of wax over the design, front and back, and then gently bleaching and dyeing the shirt in a dye bath on the stove (batik, basically).

I've never done this, though. Have any of you? Any advice is welcome!

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What color is the print and is it like plastic on it? If it is dark and plastic like I would just paint the shirt and not worry about the print.
Otherwise the candle wax will be a great idea
No, I haven't, and I've never heard of covering the design with wax. It makes me interested to hear how it comes out.

There has been a little bit of discussion here, in the past, of dyeing clothes (and dyeing tubs, accidentally). Check the archives. Skip the ads. Let us know, either way, if you failed or succeeded.
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December 2017

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