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Long flowy jeans skirt tutorial or help?

I was cleaning out my sewing room (hah! more like moving piles from one side to the other to see what was underneath them) and found a bunch of jeans I had been saving to make into skirts.  I really want to make a long flowy jeans skirt, but I'm not good at designing stuff, I need a pattern to follow, so to speak.  I've been hunting the web on and off all day and haven't found anything that really tells me how to turn a pair of jeans into a nice long skirt, all the free patterns and tutes I found were for short skirts.  I did find one, but it was for a long pencil skirt - and I want this skirt to be comfy like my jeans!  Help please?


How are your jeans fitted? Do they still fit you? If they're bell-bottoms or flared jeans, the skirt will be "flowy" more easily. (I put flowy in quotes because jean, as a cloth, doesn't really flow; it's stiff, so it flaps and slaps)

If you're not good at designing stuff, then maybe you shouldn't be trying this at all. Clothes-altering requires some measure of spatial sense.

Still, here's how I envision it:
Rip up the inseams of one pair of jeans; rip up both legs.

Then cut off the entire leg or legs of a second pair of jeans. Cut open the jean legs of the second pair so you have two peices of flat cloth.

Then take one peice of flat cloth and pin it onto the front of the first pair of jeans, and take the other peice of flat cloth and pin it onto the back of the first pair of jeans. The trickiest part will be the crotch area because you want it to be flat against you.

Then sew. Three last peices of advice:

Use the same color thread that's already on the first pair of jeans.

Also, the key to altering clothes is pinning, then trying it on, then re-pinning, then trying it on, then sewing a part, then trying it on.

Don't cut the flat peices of cloth until you're finished sewing the whole thing. Jeans are pretty forgiving if you sew in the wrong place, but a cut is harder to fix.
Yes the jeans do still fit, I just have a gazillion pairs of thrifted jeans! Good point about using flared jeans for more flow. I've seen people wearing skirts like the one I envision but have never had a chance to really study one and I don't want to screw it up!

Your post was very helpful in general actually, thank you!! I'm not new to designing art, just new to designing/altering clothing! This will help me a lot. (I needed the reminders about pinning and trying on and not trimming anything until I'm happy with it!)
You're welcome. :D