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jeffs_mrs in clothes_surgery

Recycled Purse

I have been reading a lot lately about Refashioning and Recycling old clothes.  This was my first attempt and I love how it turned out.  Now I'm wishing I had taken pictures and done a tutorial but I will have to save that for my next project. 
My youngest son had a cute pair of corduroy pants that no longer fit him, he actually only wore them a few times, that I thought would make a really cute purse.  For the lining I used an old pair of pink flannel shorts I had but never wore anymore and the belt is a scrap piece of material left over from a dress I made a few years ago.  I still need to sew the strap on, it's being held with safety pins in these pictures.  I also am not sure what I want to use for a closure.....maybe I'll just leave it open, I'm not sure yet.


I've seen lots of versions of this project before, but that lining is ingenious. It's not really my taste, but it's an interesting concept and execution.